Worked on this painting in between projects for a few weeks. Inspired by The Last of Us (and the terrifying Cordyceps…)


[Caption: Shout-out to all Kaidan and Ashley fans who don’t let their love for one character get in the way of appreciating the other, and who tirelessly keep standing up for and defending them again and again. Just knowing that you guys are out there makes it all worth it. You all rock!]


make me choose, sangheliios asked: tali or kaidan

Make me choose:
↳ Anonymous asked: Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko


I’ve re-watched Sailor Moon, bought a set of transformation compacts and now I’ve drawn fanart. I think I’m finally ready for the 20th Anniversary!


bisexual people passing as straight when they’re in a straight relationship is not “passing privilege.” it’s erasure. it’s assimilation. 

that’s like saying that femme lesbians have privilege over butch lesbians. invisibility might keep people safer on a micro-level which is fucked up, but it’s all based on people thinking they can tell who’s queer & who’s straight just by looking at them, which is infinitely problematic and painful.

don’t alienate queer people who are assumed to be straight. invisibility is a symptom of hetero-normativity, not a privilege. 


Scottish Highlands

Make me choose : Female Shepard or Male Shepard [requested by DELSINSBOOTY]